TYCHE is a scholarly journal based at the Department of Ancient History, Papyrology and Epigraphy at the University of Vienna. This journal of high academic reputation has been published since 1986 and contains (double-blind) peer-reviewed articles in German, English, French, Italian and Latin. The scientific focus lies on the whole range of antiquity from the beginnings of Greek history to Late antiquity. Emphasis is placed on the edition and interpretation of epigraphic and papyrological sources. The journal further includes papyrological (Korr. Tyche) and epigraphic (Adnotationes epigraphicae) miscellanea, a critical bibliography of Austrian epigraphy (Annona Epigraphica Austriaca) as well as a review section.


Bemerkungen zu Papyri XIX ( 527-543)

Charikleia Armoni, Fritz Mitthof, Patrick Sänger, Monika Hasitzka


Peter Siewert, Basil G. Mandilaras, Ekkehard Weber, Joachim Losehand, Andreas Picker, Sandra Hodeček, Johanna Auinger, Günther Hölbl, Philipp Scheibelreiter, Theresia Pantzer, Michael Donderer


Patrick Sänger

Eingelangte Bücher

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