Dan Deac Radu Petcu


The paper analyzes a magical amulet discovered in 2007 by Radu Petcu in the civilian Roman settlement of Ostrov-Durostorum, province of Moesia Inferior. The intaglio, made of lapis lazuli, is a ring stone and depicts the so-called ̔Pantheos̕ or ̔Polymorphic Deity̕ . Following a description of the iconography, a history of research on the interpretation of this deity is presented. An interpretation of the Greek texts on the obverse and reverse of the intaglio is then offered, assisted by a review of comparanda. Finally, the conclusions are made, envisaging the apotropaic role of the amulet and the importance of the new vox magica.


Magical Amulet; Durostorum; Pantheos; Polymorphic deity; vox magica.


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