Marjeta Sasel Kos


After Caesar’s murder, Decimus Brutus went to govern Cisalpine Gaul, which Antony legally exchanged for Macedonia. Decimus Brutus’ career is briefly discussed, as are the events, which postdated his refusal to surrender his province. The alliances at Mutina were unusual: the consuls Aulus Hirtius and Gaius Vibius Pansa, as well as Octavian, fought on the side of Decimus Brutus against Antony. The aftermath of Mutina and particularly the flight of Decimus Brutus are analysed in detail, as well as his death among the Sequani, whose dynast was Camilus. Appian’s (possible) sources and his reliability are discussed, particularly his use of the Memoirs of Augustus. Light is shed on the problem of how the artillery machines of Decimus Brutus’ army could have ended up at Metulum, the capital of the Iapodes.


Appian; Decimus Brutus; Sequani; Iapodes; artillery machines


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